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我能做什么? (What Can I Do?)

Glad you asked.


I’ll approach this section by addressing different groups of individuals that might be reading this article, and include the methods of how they can assist in increasing the number of Black/African Americans in AI.


These are my suggestions, but feel free to modify and improve upon them as you see fit, so long as the goal remains the same.


黑人技术人员 (Black Technical Individuals)

How I got into tech is an interesting story, but to cut a long story short, it was all an accident.


Despite my academic and industry career in tech initially being an accident, I later motivated those around me to pursue studies and jobs within the tech industry. I taught and provided resources to my brother, cousins and close friends who showed the slightest interest in tech.

尽管我最初在科技领域的学术和行业职业是偶然的,但后来我激励周围的人在科技行业从事研究和工作。 我教给对技术丝毫兴趣的兄弟,堂兄和密友,并提供了资源。

You can do the same, and I’m sure you probably are already motivating those around you to at least learn how to code.


But go one step further. Show individuals within your life the tools you build, your work process and even take them into your workplace. All of this will inspire the younger generation of the potential that they can achieve.

但是,请更进一步。 向个人展示您构建的工具,工作流程,甚至将其带入您的工作场所。 所有这些将激发年轻一代他们可以实现的潜力。

For technical individuals who are in roles such as software engineering, data analyst, front-end developers and back-end developers, you have probably had an inkling to dabble into some data science or machine learning. I would implore you to take a leap of faith. You probably already have the technical skills to build AI systems, now you just need to spend a few months picking up a few libraries and tools.

对于像软件工程,数据分析师,前端开发人员和后端开发人员这样的技术人员,您可能已经开始涉猎某些数据科学或机器学习。 我恳请您采取信仰的飞跃。 您可能已经具备构建AI系统的技术技能,现在只需要花几个月的时间来挑选一些库和工具。

黑人非技术人员 (Black Non-Technical Individuals)

Some of the readers of this article could be marketers, accountants, bankers even radiologists, and I’m sure you’ve all heard about the impending job apocalypse that will be caused as a result of AI and automation.


How about if you were told that you could be the ones building these AI systems for your line of work.


There are machine learning programs that trade the stock market better and more efficiently than traders do; there are even deep learning systems that can classify cancer X-rays quicker than a radiologist can.

有一些机器学习程序可以比交易员更好,更有效地交易股票市场。 甚至有深度学习系统可以比放射线医师更快地对X射线进行分类。

What I’m trying to say is that the skills required for you to transition from your non-technical role to an AI-based role is only a Bootcamp or a degree away.


Again don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith.


大家 (Everyone)

Everyone regardless of colour, needs to be able to do three things to the people around them: inspire, motivate and educate.

每个人,不论肤色如何,都必须能够对周围的人做三件事: 启发,激励和教育 。