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1. First, I could see the drill ground It was'nt that dusty like we heard cause it rained the day before.    首先,我看到的是练兵场。


2. The Italian illustrators'works are always coloful(don't know why), and I think that is what I need-To be COLORFUL. Ironically, this set of books cost me almost 40000 NT.    很讽刺的是这一套绘本花了我将近四万元,我几乎是没有读他们,现在已经在我书柜中积灰尘了,真是浪费。

3. Pat ie nt: Can you sell me penicillin?    病人:你能不能卖我一些盘尼西宁?


4. However, under fellow Chinese players'effort, the national team is slowly developing to become a strong team. I believe the future of China NT is beyond imagination.    但是,在中国玩家群体的努力下,国家队球员的培养已经形成了一个体系,目前NT已经有很多极具潜力的球员,相信中国NT的未来是光明的!


5. SuperCache and SuperCache II use patented block-level caching technology to raise system performance far beyond that of the NT file-level cache alone.    SuperCache和SuperCache II使用获得专利的块级高速缓存技术来提升系统的性能,这种技术远胜于单纯使用NT文件级的高速缓存。

6. According to the company's assessment, the findings'mass production and entrance to the market may happen after two years, and its output value in Taiwan alone can go beyond two billion NT dollars. The company will nonetheless focus on the markets in Japan, China and South-East Asia.    根据厂商预估,两年后量产上市后,一年光是国内产值就超过20亿,但重心将放在日本、大陆、东南亚等地外销,倘若成功,产值惊人。

7. The differential diagnosis, evaluation and treatme nt of patients with suspected ejaculatory duct obstruction is described herein.    本文对怀疑射精管阻塞病人的不同诊断、评估和治疗方法作了描述,包括一些新的很少侵入性的诊断和治疗射精管梗阻技术。


8. Ejaculatory duct obstruction is a rare but importa nt cause of male infertility.    射精管梗阻是一种罕见现象,但却是男性不育的重要原因。

9. This error occurs on Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or Server.    621错误,不能打开电话本。

10. You were a good girl and i had no right, E/YId `A    你是个好女孩但我却没资格拥有你 9nT?


11. A liang is one-sixteenth of a jin. That would be 330NT.      一两是十六分之一斤,也就是三百三。

12. The NT-pro-BNP levels among patients with TRALI, possible TRALI, and TACO differed significantly with a median value of 1559 pg per mL (IQR, 629 to 5114 pg/mL), 2349 pg/mL (IQR, 919 to 4610 pg/mL), and 5197 pg/mL (IQR, 1695 to 15, 714 pg/mL; p = 0.004), respectively.      输血相关性急性肺损伤患者、疑似输血相关性急性肺损伤患者和输血相关性循环超负荷患者的NT-pro-BNP水平中位数分别为1559 pg/mL(IQR,629-5114pg/mL)、2349 pg/mL(IQR,919-4610pg/mL)和5197pg/mL(IQR,1695-15714pg/mL;p = 0.004)。


13. A prize of $250 (NT$8, 100) will be given to the person considered most creative at letting go of his or her bad memories.      当天将选出最有创意的抛弃回忆奖,赢家可获赏两百五十美元。

14. A donburi starts at only 140nt, with maybe a couple of sticks of yaki tori, or even a grilled fish, you can get full without spending too much.      价钱咧,看你怎麼点,最便宜的亲子井,加两串烤的东西,或烤个秋刀鱼,不会花掉你太多钱。

15. D: I do'nt know where i was, but      我不知道我身在何地,但是


16. A:I do'nt know if I will be able to win the race.      我不知道自己能不能赢这场比赛!

17. When I am old I do'nt regret that I have been wasting my time, there is nothing I have left to others, nothing to the society      其中张士伯的话让我感触颇深,他说:每个人都是因为某种原因才来到这个世界上的,人活着就是为了找到这个理由。

18. But to the end I do'nt know it is virile or woman, so I do'nt know you will be aunt or mother's brother.      因为我还不知道到底是男的还是女的,所以我不知道你要当阿姨还是舅舅。


19. Sorry, I do'nt want to say.      不要怪偶

20. There is high precision in the model experiment of sloping plate and the RTP field errors are less than 0.001 nT. In the model experiments of single and multi-sphere, we can obtain the better RTP results using the DCT method when the magnetic dip is 5°, and the results are excellent when the dip is 15°.The shape of contour line, the maximum and the plane location of magnetic model are all good comparing with the theoretical anomalies when the model is perpendicular magnetization.      在倾斜板状体模型实验中,化磁极误差小于0.001 nT,具有较高的精度;在单球体及多球体模型实验中,采用基于DCT的化磁极方法在5°倾斜磁化时就可以取得较好的化磁极结果,15°时化磁极的效果更加明显,其等值线的形态、幅值以及所反映的磁性体的水平位置都得到较好的恢复;这说明,采用本文方法进行化磁极时,可以取得较好的效果。